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Fabricate the Design. How to make a bench...

In this last period i have had a meeting with an important company which makes complex wood furniture. it showed me this image and asked "Do you be able to create a procedure useful to model and make this bench?".


I have immediately thought to the spoon, I mean my blog post. So few days ago I tried to draw a case study. The first step was to create the cylindrical wall on where create the silhouette of the bench. The contour curves were created on the front view, inside the vertical plane and then projected on the cylindrical surface.


Then I unrolled the surface and the projected curves onto a plane, so I got guide lines to create a simple NURBS polysurface. But the forniture in the picture had to be smooth and flowed along the original cylinder. For this reason I designed a definition in Grasshopper capable to convert the opened polyhedron first in a mesh and then in a subD.


As you can see in this picture, The structure of the bench is composed by a certain number of bended wood slabs, so starting from the subdivided mesh I created a definition which reduced the whole mesh in bended strips. Last step was to unroll the silhouette of the strips useful to create the paths for the cutting machine.



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