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About Michele Calvano

Architect, Ph.D. in Science of Representation, a research fellow at ISPC - CNR and in the past at DAD of Politecnico di Torino; specialized in mathematical and parametric modeling. He has written articles and books on reverse modeling, shape design, digital representation of architecture and urban space also by using BIM procedures. He has taught at the Sapienza University of Rome, the Politecnico di Torino and the University of Camerino. He currently teaches at the Polytechnic of Milan in the School of Design and the Academy of Arts and New Technologies in Rome. He collaborates with companies working in the AEC field to support them in the engineering of complex shapes.

About Francesca Guadagnoli

Degree in Architecture,currently PhD student in drawing and representation at Sapienza University of Rome.

Francesca is working in the field of Computer Graphics for the Architectural Communication. Currently her researches is dedicated at Communication and Visualization of Cultural Heritage

In the current year she is assistant in courses of Science of  Representation I and Science of  Representation III in the faculty of Architecture Sapienza.

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