HAWK Grasshopper plug-in for 3Dmodeling Pano360-based

This tool for Grasshopper proposes a method of projection to construct plane images drawn from a spherical image. To identify these images, we must reconstruct the conditions of their generation in space, that is the relationship between the principal point of projection, the object, and the surface on which the image is generated. The principal point of projection, which is the center of the sphere, is inherent in the wrapping of the image around the sphere; from the center, it is possible to project the spherical image on any plane. Through the use of Grasshopper we can automate operations by proposing a solver algorithm that works by translating the geometric condition into a code. By using the potentiality of Galapagos the computer generates solutions by iterating geometrical rules to create, in the end, a unique solution. The automated procedure becomes a tool, Hawk, available to all those who are interested in digital photogrammetry made with spherical panoramas.

Video Tutorial