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HAWK Grasshopper plug-in for 3Dmodeling Pano360-based

Hawk is a plug-in developed for #Grasshopper; it allows the visual programming language to transform a #spherical #image into a planar image. For the design of this tool, Michele Calvano, a research fellow at the @ISPC's @BHiLab, automated the projective operations that enable the desired output. The automated procedure makes use of a rigorous geometric construction associated with evolutionary processes that iterate boundary conditions to achieve 'architectural' constraints.
Hawk is a tool available to anyone interested in #DigitalPhotogrammetry and the #BuiltHeritage using #SphericalPanoramas, aimed at the construction and texturing of 3D models. The tool is particularly useful for the reconstruction of the aesthetic instance of urban spaces affected by #catastrophic events: portions of cities that no longer exist in reality but are represented on the web by applications such as Google Maps.

Video Tutorial
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