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From the spoon to the city - a hybrid way to modeling

During the last days of this strange summer I have had enough time to think how to model things in an alternative way. I love a mathematical software like Rhinoceros, but when you want to make an ergonomic shape using a polysurface the going gets tough! In these case I become jealous of who works with mesh. Try to think to a spoon; how many mathematical surfaces and curves do you need to create the right polysurface? My answer: I don't know! .....and how many polyhedral surfaces (mesh)? Maybe just one! The problem is that when I try to work in Blender or 3ds max I don't feel well. I find the interface very complicated, the opposite of my dear Rhino.


In this first video I want to show you an alternative way to draw. I start with a single nurbs surface, I split it in a certain number of face. Then I join all in a planar polysurface. I switch on the solid control points and I move them like vertices. My aim is create a hull who wraps the contour of the spoon picture. After that, I extract the edges and with a special tool of Weaverbird I generate the core mesh useful to create the shape of the spoon. As you can see I model like a mesh but with Nurbs and then I switch it in mesh...just an hybrid way! Enjoy the video below!!

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