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From the shape to BIM Grasshopper-Archicad Connection

Nowadays architects, designer, administrations, contractors, speak about BIM, but what is BIM?. Of course BIM is not a software, but BIM is a method. It is a way to share information among the actors of a building’s project. All the informations are stored in a model, a 3D model and this model must be light if we want to share it by using cloud source.

Archicad is one of the best software to manage BIM data but with It is very hard to model a complex shape, in the other hand Rhino is able to design the complexity but the only informations that you can share with this shape are geometrical and mathematical informations, good to sketch an architecture, but they are not enough to build.

Here you can see a double curved surface (nurbs surface) that is not easy to model in ArchiCAD. The question is “In the every day work, Is It important to create a complex surface?”. We think It is an opportunity for young architects, but also to meet the interests of big companies which work inside an international panorama.

But the real potentiality is translate the conceptual shape created in Rhino in an architectural object ready for the building site – From the Shape to BIM.

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